Listing Policy

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Posting Conditions

When posting an item, you consent to conform to Joy KoKo Ltd.’s principles for posting and merchandising Practices approach and that:

You are answerable of the accuracy and substance of the posting and item publicized.

Your posting might not be instantly accessible for a couple of hours (or up to twenty four hours in an exceedingly few conditions). Joy KoKo Ltd. cannot guarantee correct posting terms.

Content that disregards any of Joy KoKo Ltd.’s policies may be adjusted or erased at Joy KoKo Ltd.’s circumspection.

Joy KoKo Ltd.’s Duplicate Listing Policy could likewise influence whether or not your posting shows up in listing pages.

Meta tags and emails that are incorporated into a posting may be exhausted or changed so as to not influence outsider internet index comes regarding.

When adding your Business or listing, you agree that it is a legal item and the item will not mislead customers or buyers.

That you are responsible and accountable for the item you post on including text and images used. By posting you agree to these policies.