Selling & Buying Policy

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Selling policy

In this page, we, us or Joykoko refer to JOYKOKO LTD.

We provide a platform for sellers or vendors to list their items (products) or company listing on Joykoko for a fee and it depends on what package you are on.

Seller of any item is responsible or liable for that item(s) sold on website.

That seller should not add or upload any illegal product, content or image into shop pages or platform. Any item not meeting these policies will be deleted without notice.

The seller is responsible for accuracy and typography used when selling a product. In case we have to edit any content, it will be reviewed which may be subjected to a fee of £5.

The seller is responsible for shipping cost of the item being sold if not specified for the buyer in the description of the product or at checkout.

Delivery timescales must be provided by seller for each item or collective items if the item is sold in bulk.

The seller is responsible for dealing with queries of the buyer, including returning products, refunds and complains. Joykoko LTD will forward direct cases to Seller of the item in question to be dealt with.

If a case is not resolved by seller and buyer escalates an undelivered item case or poor item’s condition which is not resolved by Seller to us directly, seller’s shop or account will be frozen until the case is resolved.

Finally, Seller content or item is his or her sole responsibility. Joykoko LTD will not be liable for selling an item you do not own. By signing up you agree to these policies.

Purchase situations

While buying an item, you agree to the regulations that:
You are liable for analyzing the entire items prior to making a bid or committing to buy.
You are fully aware and understand the shipping and refund policy of what you are buying from the seller.

That Joykoko Ltd will not be responsible for blind purchases or error in purchase amount entered, credit or debit card issues or refunds.

If you bought your item from Joykoko and not from a ventor, estimated delivery is between 2 and 3 weeks depending on the item location or manufacturer. Estimated delivery date and time will be sent to you. For orders above $200, please leave 3-5 days processing period excluding delivery timescales.

If you buy from a vender on Joykoko shopping platform, the shipping and delivery times will depend on the delivery time scale of the vender or manufacture. You can contact the vendor and ask for the delivery details if its not mentioned on the order page.

That you have read and understood the delivery timescales provided by the seller of the particular product. By clicking Checkout you agree to these policies.